Our Story

Welcome to Milos Project, where we celebrate the beauty of moments and the timeless allure of jewelry.


Jewelry with a Mediterranean Essence

At Milos Project, we're not just your typical jewelry brand; think of us as your storytellers and memory keepers. Drawing inspiration from the awesome mix of Mediterranean vibes, we've infused our love for culture, art, and bling into everything we do.

Free spirit

So, why did we dive into the world of jewelry? Well, we figured it's like a magic portal for expressing all kinds of feelings and vibes.

Our goal

Through our brand, we want to share a lifestyle that's all about a carefree spirit, peace, and that "chill" vibe; especially in this crazy fast-paced world that just keeps on getting busier. We're on a mission to hit the pause button, bringing back those moments of pure joy.

Your turn

Are you up for the challenge of joining us on this epic journey to capture the very essence of life's most precious moments?



All our products are water-resistant, which means they won't fade or lose color upon contact with liquids.


High-quality materials

All our products are made of stainless steel or 925 sterling silver, which are among the best materials on the market.


Resistant pieces

Each item undergoes various tests to guarantee both its quality and durability.